15/06/24 - 06/10/24
h 9.00 a.m. - 05.00 p.m.
San Cassiano - Alta Badia
San Cassiano - Alta Badia
Corvara - Alta Badia

An inundation of energy, adrenaline and vitality: Highmountain sport gives you an incredible intensity of sensations and supplies your mind and muscles with an abundance of oxygen. The Movimënt parks in the heart of the Dolomites and Alta Badia are also the homeland of the “Bike Beats” trails, a network of dirt tracks or packed sand flow trails weaving through the slopes and woods of the villages of San Cassiano, La Villa and Corvara.

With their spectacular stretches of northshores, bumps and jumps at all levels of difficulty, they are a guarantee of immense fun in the saddle. The trails have been baptised with Ladino names that reflect their character: The Ödli trail (‘eyes’ in ladino) is a winding, green, leisurely panoramic route, while the Cör Trail (heart) is a red, moderately difficult trail which features two jumps in rapid succession in the initial stretch. Halfway along, both the Ödli and the Cör merge into the Avëna Trail (veins), rated at blue level, which continues onwards in a series of berms and bends to the end of the valley in the village of San Cassiano. On the Corvara slope, in Pralongià, we find the Fle Trail, a word which describes a deep breath. This last trail features long northshores (wooden trails) and a breathtaking view towards the magnificent Marmolada and the Sella mountain range. From Campolongo Pass and Corvara, the spectacular Fle trail can be cycled in a single breath – but don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of the Dolomites!

The Bike Beats - Movimënt Alta Badia Trails are open every day from 15 June to 6 October, 2024 from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m..



The Bike Beats trails are suitable for everyone, don't miss the exciting descents and the breathtaking panoramic view. To ride the trails safely, always carry your mobile phone with you and don't forget that a helmet is mandatory. You want to try the trails but you don’t have an appropriate bike? Don't worry, you can always rent one in our stations.

Different difficulties
Renting at valley and
mountain station





from 18.06 to 01.10.2024
EVERY TUESDAY | from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Meet-up point
Bistro "La Scola" Colfosco
not including cable cars

Tuesday are freeride days. The Bike Beats tours are packed with adrenalin, excitement and breath-taking views; the new trails are a guarantee of fun at its best and, with the new lift facilities to help you along, there's no limit to the number you can tackle. A route that calls for excellent downhill-technique skills.

Advance booking required at
Bike-Hike (on the website or call +39 0471836218).

Movimënt Daily Card required
not included - price for participants: 28,70€ rather than 36,00€

Times, distance and elevation descent/gain depend on the number of Bike Beats completed.


from 20.06 to 03.10.2024
EVERY TUESDAY | from 1.30 p.m. to 3.30 p.m.
Meet-up point
Piz Sorega valley station
not including cable cars
Group: 55,00€ minimum of 3 participants
not including cable cars
Private session: 205,00€ full day - 129,00€ half day (3h)

Tour along the Bike Beats Trails of the slopes of the Piz Sorega and Parlongià. Flow-country downhill trails, suitable for experts and the lessadept. During the tour, the Dolomite Biking guides will provide you with a wealth of techniques and tricks on the best way to tackle descents.

Advance booking required at
Dolomite Biking (cel. +393458430374)

Movimënt Daily Card required
not included - price for participants: 28.70€ rather than 36.00€

Times, distance and elevation descent/gain depend on the number of Bike Beats completed.