Available from August 2020

The Bike Beats “menu” offers even more this year with an all-new, adrenalin packed route. After the Heart, the Eye, the Veins and the Breath, this summer is time for the Hands. The Trail Mans, of moderate difficulty, calls for a sensitive touch and careful attention while riding along a fun route, where the trick lies in finding the optimal equilibrium between manual technique and balance.

Over 2 km in length, the route descends from Piz Sorega (San Cassiano) and arrives at the new La Fraina chairlift in the valley. From here, you can either head back to the summit on the San Cassiano slope or take the neighbouring “Bamby” chairlift back to the Movimënt at the mountain station of the Piz La Ila at La Villa.



115 BPM
Heart rate
2.010 MT
283 MT
Vertical drop